Steve And Barry S Clothing Store

Steve And Barry S Clothing Store

Steve And Barry S Clothing Store
Steve And Barry S Clothing Store

Steve and barry s clothing store. Impartial retailers are weathering a hard 12 months and impartial clothing stores and jewellery stores are sensation it essentially the most severely, experts say. At a time when the major chains like Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Macys have posted spectacular declines and discounted merchants like Mervyns and Steve & Barry and liquidating, many smaller boutiques are having to lower profits and find creative marketing solutions just to try and survive the holiday season. Larger retail stores can do a number of things to keep margins up and business moving.

They can trim employee hours, cut the staff, advertise deep reductions to drive foot traffic and move inventory, use clout to negotiate better wholesale prices, send back unsold merchandise to designers and vendors and implement lenient return policies. Unfortunately, smaller stored do not have these options. Smaller shops often offer cookies and coffee to it’s customers over the holidays. They also have ”in-store” games in which you can earn discounts and coupons. Often they will have a ”Dress from the Month” in hopes that item will sell out. Having a personal relationship with customers also helps small retail and boutiques out-shine the big merchants. At a time of turmoil customer loyalty can make a huge difference.

Steve and barry s clothing store. Online jewelers are also trying to implement new marketing strategies to increase sales. While they can’t offer cookies and coffee they can do things that ”in-store” retails can’t. They will stock unique merchandise that the larger shops can’t carry. Steve and barry s clothing store. They can have a much broader range of jewelry items as they don’t have to worry about being over-stocked or having to move product. They also can provide online coupons through many different impartial web-sites in trying to drive traffic to their web-site. 1 thing both these merchants have in common is that their customers are looking for a good buy or deal. Rather than competing with only discounts on pricing they can romance a certain product.

This gives the customer a rich experience so they feel their purchase has that ”extra” value. Another thing both these retailers share in common is flexibility. Impartial merchants can come up with new deals and change direction quickly. They can try out new ideas and quietly give their core customers special incentives to buy, whereas larger chains have and upper-management hierarchy and red-tape that prevents them from doing this. The massive chains often have a yearly or quarter-by-quarter marketing strategy which as soon as implemented cannot be changed.

Here are 10 Tips for Impartial Owners this holiday season:

1) Offer selections not found in large retail stores and stock unique merchandise that will bring in new customers that will only be able to find that in your store.

2) Include extras such as free gift wrapping or free shipping.

3) Provide freebies.

4) Reconsider strict return policies.

5) Give something away with a huge purchase; a gift certificate, and accessory or something with the store’s logo.

6) Stay true to your identity.

7) Make sure your sales tickets are clearly marked. Don’t make customers search or guess what the prices are or may be.

8) Get as many potential customers in the door as possible. Send mailers, have a large sale, host private parties.

9) Owners should call customers and thank them for coming into the store and making purchases. While doing this DO NOT try to talk up a promotion or a future event during this call, unless asked.

10) Give sales associates the authority to give customers additional discounts or match or stores sale prices. Customers are more important than profits right now.

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